Aquifer Contamination due to Florida Sinkhole in 1994 (Phosphate plant in Polk County, FL)

 This Sinkhole in Polk county Florida appeared in a toxic waste disposal pond.  Phosphogypsum, the byproduct of the phosphate fertilizer industry is highly toxic. The waste was not only toxic, but also mildly radioactive. The 110 feet diameter and 200 feet deep sinkhole dumped this toxine into subterranean caves that lead to the Florida Aquifer.  90% of the drinking water in Florida comes from the aquifer.  This sinkhole occurred in June 15, 1994 near the city of Mulberry, Florida.

The company mining the phosphate mine, IMC-Agrico Co. started the sinkhole remediation process immediatelly.  It has spent over $6 million trying to repair the damage to the Florida water supply.

Phosphate waste pond Sinkhole in Polk County Florida



Occurrence Date: 
Wednesday, June 15, 1994
110feet across
200feet deep
Sinkhole Type: