Guatemala City Sinkhole during Agatha Storm

 The 60 foot Guatemala sinkhole occurred in the center of Guatemala City, and has a depth of about 100 feet.  The appearance of this huge sinkhole was during the Agatha storm which swiped through Guatemala causing havoc in Guatemala.  This sinkhole swallowed a three story building and almost an entire street intersection.

The place, at the center of Guatemala City had intersections of the City's storm drain system.  When the sinkhole occurred, on Saturday May 2010, it had been raining for days already due to the storm.  Guatemala had already been in alert for the landslides caused by the rain, but they could have never predicted what happened.

The causes of the sinkhole in the center of the Guatemalan capital are still under investigation.  The collapse of the ground was triggered due to the intense raining.  It was likely related to the collapse of the water draining system hours before.  The natural occurrence is not ruled as ultimately, the saturation of the ground below the sinkhole caused its collapse.

Guatemalan Sinkhole. Source Guatemalan CONRED


Occurrence Date: 
Sunday, May 30, 2010
60feet across
100feet deep